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By common definition all advertising is, is getting the attention of someone about a product or service. Specifically the general public, targeted or not, is always the audience. Whether it is an ad produced on paper, on film, or on audio.

Here in Ottawa, we see advertising in magazines, newsletters, on television, on the internet as well as hearing it on the radio. Advertising is about presentation and information. It is communicating ideas, and philosophies.

No matter what a message may be the only way to get in front of the general public is through advertising. The way it is normally accomplished is through paying someone here in Ottawa to put the idea on paper for distribution, or on film, or on the internet. Now, the interesting thing about today’s world of advertising is that every medium, more or less is portrayed through the internet.

Graphics, Advertising and the Internet

Text, or rather website content, is a form of the printed word, the film are videos, and of course the audio is there as well attached to a video. Video has turned into ‘multi-media’ on the internet. The text and banner ads are part of graphics, which is also present in any video you may watch on the different websites located throughout the World Wide Web.

The job of advertising firms in Ottawa today, as it was in the beginning, is to cover all of the fields. This means print, the main media, (TV & Radio), and in some instances the online portion. However, there are, as with most genres of business, a specialized group of businesses that focus all of their attention to online advertising and marketing efforts for clients selling anything from baby bottles to braided camel hair flower baskets.

Ottawa Marketing is one of those businesses that provide advertising services through graphics and multi-media on the web. We focus our efforts through building a web presence for our clients while at the same time help them in building their brand. We work with all facets of advertising. Have questions just ask.

Want to learn more about how we can help your business advertise and succeed online contact us today! Call: 613-319-0707