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Simply put an e-signature is an electronic representation of a person’s handwritten signature. How this came about was the U.S. Governments passed a law called the Esign Act in 2000. It translates into a symbol, sound, or process that is associated, or attached to a contract presented via electronic means. Basically, it represents that a person agrees to abide to a document through their electronic acknowledgment.

Ottawa Marketing has this capability and as such can design it into a client’s web site, specifically when the site is for e-commerce, (an online store), or has something to do with a subscription service where there is the need of contract agreements. Depending on the business, an e-signature may find use with online lease agreements, tax documents, or invoices. Because of the federal law, e-signature is legal and binding.

The benefits that they present are the speed and ability to have a document signed anywhere at any time, this allows for a major convenience in doing business over the internet or through using a tablet, such as an iPad. When you are ready for state of the art technology to be part of doing business, using e-signature is a best practice in today’s Ottawa business world.


We would like to add that if you can visualize what your business needs are contact us with your questions or concerns.