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Web Design

Designing a Web site takes many variables into consideration first what kind of Web site and the targeted audience, (which consumers group). Typically there are ten different types of site found throughout the internet. In most instances the business and personal types are what we see predominantly. However, depending on a person’s interests news and gaming sites also become part of the land scape.

The type of business that a company operates determines the type of Web site they operate, such as having an e-commerce site to sell their products or a service site that focuses on the availability and types of services offered. Other business sites fall into the social media category taking the form of a Web 2.0 or strictly the social media type such as Facebook, Pinterest, and so on.  Our team is here to help our clients develop the total package from beginning the end starting with aiding in the determination of the goals and the purpose of the client’s Web site, by discussing with them who their target audience is.

Next we begin designing the site to fit all available browsers and platforms available, Smartphone/mobile, tablet, and PC. After which, the marketing plan, developed in tandem, begins with working on web marketing strategies involving search engine marketing, and optimization. Another consideration that is part of this is determining a general marketing strategy that focuses on a combination of local market and national/international marketing strategies, (this is dependent on the purpose and focus of the given business).

It’s OK not to decide on improving your business today, yet you are aware that the longer you wait your competition is moving forward. Contact us and Ottawa Marketing will  show you how we can  improve  your business today!