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A sticker is nothing more than a tiny sign. Stickers, like signs, depict an image or convey a message and can come in many forms, such as bumper stickers, window stickers, and decals. Just watch a race on any given channel and you will see the cars with stickers from the driver’s sponsor’s all over the car and the driver’s uniform. While not all of the stickers are made of vinyl the ones you see on the driver’s uniform serve the same function, to relay that a particular sponsor has paid for that spot for display.

When it comes to your business, all forms of marketing are available and using stickers is another way to get the word out about your business. Ottawa Marketing offers sticker making packages that coincide with the other sign making projects that our graphic design department will accomplish for your business. We can make logo stickers, product description stickers, shelving stickers, (for retail), and even stickers to hand out to your customers so they may display them on their own.

Ottawa Marketing will fulfil all of your business needs contact us and let us help today .