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Reputation Management

When it comes to online marketing one aspect that is a big part of it is reputation management. What it entails is managing the ratings and reviews of the given website. Moreover, understanding that a business reputation is more than how it is perceived online means that there is a broader sense of things.

There is no business here in Ottawa, or elsewhere, that can shy away from the periodic unhappy patron. However, since there is a greater access to public forums, such as social media, it takes fast manoeuvring to satisfy them before the situation gets out of hand. Knowing this, it helps to have a plan in place just for this type of incident.

In the realm of local Ottawa businesses, it pays to be aware of the situations that can hurt your ranking in SERP. This is why it is important to have a web presence that goes beyond having only the official website for a business. This translates into having a presence on the three major social networks, those being Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter.

Furthermore, running a small business online or even the combination of a brick and mortar store front with a web page in Ottawa, there needs to be some type of social management aspect of the business. Neglecting these social media accounts is just like negative advertising. By developing your online audience, you actually build customer loyalty.

Furthermore, by staying active through social media it helps raise the rank on the SERP as long as nothing too negative is ever posted. Additionally, this helps to build your brand name as well as the reputation of the people who run and manage the business. A word of caution is, by not keeping a low profile you will quell any attempt for negative press that may be started against them or the company as a whole.

Ottawa Marketing has the knowledge and experience to help your local business with its online reputation through our social media management and marketing strategies. Let us help you help yourself by making your business’s reputation management a priority.

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