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Video Production

This is not always an easy process, regardless of shooting a video in Ottawa of elsewhere, because there are many things involved within the three stages of creating a finished video. At the beginning, all videos, like anything else, start with an idea. After that, if that idea is solid enough to move forward with the planning stage begins followed by scripting.

These are at the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, because there are a series of steps that, when followed correctly the finished product will turn out as expected, or close to it. Having said that, if  there is any deviation from the guidelines, for whatever reason the outcome is going to be greatly affected, bringing us to the meat of the production process and breaking it down into three distinct areas.

The first, briefly mentioned above, covers planning the project and how it should flow. Then the script needs to be created and worked out by using story boards, and then budgeting for the project has to be determined and allocated for the project to begin. Finally the scheduling, once the direction of the project has been found.

The second stage is the production of the rough video, or the actual shooting. Within the production, stage things such as the set are created, graphic designs, and depending on the type of video, in essence, live action or animation, the actors or motion graphics come into play for putting the idea on film. Additionally, the use of music, photos, or text for the titles or headings for the photos needs to be gathered and edited into the film, which brings us to the last stage.

The final stage of video production is when the editing team takes the film and creates the final product. This is known as Post-Production. This step includes mixing the sound, voiceovers, music, and sound effects. The editing portion involves colour correction, and sifting through all of the footage to determine what fits best to convey the message or story.

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