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Decals and Stickers

They are not just for hot rods, race cars, or motorcycles in Ottawa or anywhere else for that matter. Think about it, there are such things as window stickers for a retail business located on the street corner downtown. The sticker represents the business logo and the name, (the brand for the business).

Decals and stickers also fit into an office environment, behind the greeter as to announce that the visitor has arrived at the right place. They will work well on company cars and as fluff for customers. Regardless if your business is a small shop around the corner of in a non-descript industrial complex with a window decal or sticker large enough to be seen from the roadway it helps passer’s by notice, specifically, when it is placed in the right spot.

Decals & stickers can also be used along with a branding/marketing campaign when building public awareness about the business. Again, these are more marketing tools that any business can use to further their advertising and marketing efforts. This is why Ottawa Marketing offers our graphic design expertise in developing your company logo, to put on a sign, decals, and stickers. Contact us to find out more