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Search Engine Optimization


serch engine optimization

As part of an online marketing strategy, everything relies on search engine optimization, (SEO). It all begins with how search engines operate. In addition, this method depends on the goals and purpose of a given website. With this in mind, there is a specific aspect that must be considered when building a strong SEO marketing campaign.

To the uninitiated, SEO seems to be alchemistic, when in fact there is a logic or science, if you prefer, to the operation of SEO, and how it is a language, of sorts, that speaks to search engines getting them to recognize a webpage and put it into the top results. Search engines function, using complex algorithms crawling, (searching), the internet, hunting for websites, articles, videos, and anything else that is pertinent to a search query.

This “Tag” Identifies the keywords and says what the webpage is all about

The language of SEO is the keywords. These are terms used in searches that pertain to the subject matter of the given website. A vehicle for the keywords in the Meta Tag. This is something that is not seen by people but seen by the search engine.

This “Tag” tells the search engine the keywords and identifies what the webpage is all about. Accordingly, if this information is relevant to a given search then the page shows up on the search engine results page, (SERP). Which brings us to the content, and more on how SEO structured content speaks to the search engine.

The King is the Content and the Queen is the Backlinks

The content of a website is what makes it what it is. In the eyes of the search engine if the content not well structured it will lessen the user experience and rank lower in a search. Part of making the content relevant to a given search is well-structured keywords usage and relevant backlinks.

Quality content is only that as long as it uses keywords built into the subject matter and backlinks that agree with is as such. The backlinks are links to a website outside of the home site, which talks about the same or similar subject matter and are added to make a point in the original content. That is how search engine optimization works, if a client is running a retail e-commerce site then Social Media and Product images are added to the mix for marketing purposes and the use of keywords in the content of the page.

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