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Search Engine Marketing

search engine marketing

Search Engine Optimization

While search engine optimization covers the following areas or rather contains these necessary components, keywords, Meta tags, content, back-links. Search engine marketing encompasses one more aspect of the results above the organic results a given site will appear in when the all of the above factors are working correctly. That is paid advertisements and paid placement.

Paid placement is where your business opts for getting a place in the search results of a search engine without using any organic mean to get to their rank placement. This is more of a sponsored listing. This also where PPC, or Pay per Click comes into play.

This type of marketing uses tools such as Adwords by Google or Bing Ads. These tools work by targeting keywords used in advertisements and search criteria. The results of a particular search then, show both organic results and the ad space that a business purchases. When you look at a result page the paid ads will appear above and along the right side of the page with the organic results being below and to the left of the ads.

The Desired Result is Higher Ranking in the SERP

The Search engine result page, (SERP), is where all of the action happens on the Internet making both SEO and SEM work together to improve the rank of a given website.

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