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A letterhead is the first thing that a reader’s eye will focus on once they open a printed letter that is on paper. The reason for this is, the letterhead identifies who has written the correspondence. Granted, in today’s world, there is not that much use for paper and letterheads however, even with emails the letterhead still exists.

In any case, there still is the occasion where using a personal touch in the world of business is still necessary. Collage applicants receive letters of acceptance or denial. Individuals still submit letters of resignation, and businesses use letters to correspond with board members, clients, and partners. A letterhead consists of the business logo, name, and all of the contact information of the business and the person who generated the message.

Ottawa Marketing offers combination Letterhead packages for all of your business needs. Typically it is the sales force of a company that generates sales letters and other correspondences with both a designated customer base and a potential customer base through mail and email marketing campaigns. Let Ottawa Marketing help design the perfect letterhead for your business  contact us today!