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Let us begin by defining what branding is. It is a strategic process designed to create a positive image of a person, place, or business entity. The target audience is the general public or the targeted market for the given business. The goal of a branding campaign is to create a lasting impression and establish a unique position within a market in order to attract customers and turn them into loyal followers.

We all know and understand who and what Coke a Cola is as well as Apple. Obviously, these are brands that most can identify with. This demonstrates the importance that branding has in a given Ottawa marketing campaign.

The Importance of Branding

The idea is to get a targeted segment of a business market, in Ottawa for instance, to identify with a new product or service. Now, that stated, branding is more focused on setting a business apart from the competition and focusing on who consumers should choose one service over another. Specifically, when there is a clear message that helps them identify with the service, leaving them little choice but to show loyalty.

Branding is all about perceptions. That is all, for instance, if a person perceives that a service is bad they will communicate this with others. If enough people agree with this perception, then the service will eventually suffer through a drop in business. We see more restaurants come and go just this reason. Maybe the food was great, however the staff was rude and provided poor service, and the management did not show any interest in fixing the issue.

It begins with focusing on a total marketing package where creating a positive image of a product or service is the top priority for the marketing strategy. This is accomplished first by understanding what our clients want, where their focus is, and how they want to proceed. The desired outcome of getting positive press, so to speak, is an increase in business, which translates into more revenue and higher profits, (the bottom line of all business). The brand of a business should equate to the public identifying and acknowledging the value the business adds to their life. They do this, not only for the product or service, but also for the public image of the business, (the brand).

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