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While some may try to tell you that, the days of the e-newsletter are long past. On the contrary, they are alive and well as an integral part of most marketing campaign and customer retention management process. People who follow their favourite blog, news columnist, or forum normally sign up to receive updates of recent posts and news about the subject they are following.

These updates come in the form of a newsletter via their email inbox, thus we have the e-newsletter. While we have this filed under our graphic design, which it is more of an outcome than part of  the graphic design process, the e-newsletter carries with it  besides text content, there might be multi-media and graphic banner displays involved, such as the company logo and contact information. The multi-media may be a recent speech or an award ceremony.

In this age of technology, anything is possible. Let Ottawa Marketing help design your business e-newsletter so it stands apart and grabs the interest of your customers and potential clientele. Call us today and find out how we can help, (613) 319-0707