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Kit Folder Design

Every presentation needs to have a professional look and appeal for it to be taken to any level of seriousness. For instance, when the annual report is ready to go the board meeting it is not just a group of unorganized paperwork. Instead, it is a folder constructed from a heavy paper that holds the actual presentation information within. A kit is the folder and the paper stock that the presentation is to be printed on.

As such, the kit also works as a marketing presentation for a new product or service for customers and potential customers to peruse and gain an understanding of what the product or service is and what the business is all about. The folder design might carry the name of the product or service accompanied with your business logo and name on the cover to identify what the kit represents. Ottawa marketing specializes in creating exciting graphic designs meant to catch the attention of the onlooker. Our Kit Folder designs have the professional look and feel that you need.


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