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Social Media

When it comes to this branch of online marketing, there are certain aspects to know before jumping with both feet, so to speak. First, let us begin with branding and brand promotion. When there is a service, or product that needs recognition it pays to use a social media platform as a soapbox or a springboard to launch an awareness campaign.

This translates into a form of saturation marketing with content centred on brand awareness and background. Doing so helps build value in the product or service this is what Ottawa Marketing will do with our clients. We will begin by putting their face in front of as many people as we can, using every available Social Media outlet that has high traffic.

This also includes creating blogs and participating in forums that are germane to the subject of the brand. This is where the most talked about subject comes to light, the creation of quality content. Without this, everything said while trying to build value for a brand is meaningless. It takes a staff of qualified content providers that can build content around a subject using SEO techniques and forensic research into a subject to get the type of quality our clients seek.

Understand that visuals are big

The third thing to understand is that visuals are big. This means graphics, videos, and photos all work to help build value in a brand. While some may say that graphics are for people that are too lazy to read, on the contrary, graphics uses text and pictures together for example look at how an infographic appears.

While people are looking and reading the content and the taking in the images it is just as important to remain human through the presentation. This means on certain platforms some automation is acceptable. However, people look for real-time responses this is where the human element enters.

Backlinks work both ways

Be present with the interactions, this is where hiring a Social Media manager or team comes in handy so they can react in real time to followers. Now let us digress, back to content. Generating great content is fine as long as it has a home.

This means a company blog. Sure, running an article campaign is good, however, there needs to be a place to link back to, (remember backlinks from our SEO page). Backlinks work both ways, one for the resource of an article from an outside website and another back to the home blog when an article is shared on some other website. This brings us to a final point to keep in mind when working to build a Social Media Marketing campaign.

Podcasting can go a long way in getting the word out about a product or service. This works two ways, one is appearing as a guest and the second is to host your own. While the first way is a good way to build awareness the second one would fit nicely for an ongoing campaign to keep the momentum going.

Call Ottawa Marketing today at (613) 319-0707  and learn from our Social Media Manager what kind of Social Media Marketing would be suitable for your business.