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Public Relations

Not so long ago a public relations agent was called a publicist, although the job itself has not changed. What does a person who manages public relations do is they handle the perception of the public towards a business entity or an individual. Another way to look at it is they help build and strengthen the relationship between the public and the business entity or the individual, specifically what the public thinks about a celebrity or of the Ottawa Mayor or the Canadian Post office, and the like.

With the rise of social media, and the internet, public relations specialists have gained more tools with which to use in the promotion of a businesses brand and therefore their social perception. Public relation is a form of marketing that focuses on building and maintaining relationships rather than marketing the service or product an organization is responsible for making or providing.

An example of PR at work is when any local Ottawa politician is running for office or gets in the middle of a controversy. It is the work of their public relations expert to help build a positive image and to keep it through guiding the politician on building lasting relationships with the constituents. Social media has helped the PR gain momentum for sorts of businesses and individuals across the globe.

Here at Ottawa Marketing we focus on the local public and social standards to drive our public relations campaigns that we run for our clients. Let us do the same for you. We can do this by analyzing the opinions of your customers, help plan, and manage the way your company communicates with the general public. Call us today at (613) 319-0707 and let us guide you through the process.