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How the Top Businesses are Growing While They Sleep

Business Marketing

Business Marketing:  

We are constantly watching how the best companies in the world and then testing them out ourselves. It’s interesting to see the top-performing restaurants, bars, dentists, chiropractors Etc,  out there do things a little bit differently from the rest.  Here are some strategies that they have implemented that you can use for your own business to build your customer database, lower your customer acquisition costs, and get customers on autopilot 24/7.

1. They Run Facebook & Instagram Ads Around The Clock:

The companies that are doing really well online in 2018 are running Facebook and Instagram ads 24/7. Yes, even when they’re sleeping, all the way around the clock. A lot of companies think that they should only run there ads during businesses hours or maybe an hour before they open and an hour after they close. But, the truth is because most people are following that method then it actually makes the ads during that time a little bit more expensive. Why?

Because Facebook is an auction. More people bidding on a group of people then, as you can imagine the price goes up during that time. Facebook has a certain amount of ad space and needs to prioritize it. If your restaurant or dental practice is also buying ads in the evenings and weekends then your cost tends to go down.  Also, your customers are more likely to be on social media when they’re not at work in the evenings and weekends. Another bonus is that your business gets the opportunity to dominate during these periods when other companies aren’t advertising.

2.  They Use Automated Follow Up:

MIT has done a massive study resulting in some amazing data worth paying attention to about reaching your customers.  If a business takes longer than five minutes to respond to a customer inquiry, you’re chances of actually connecting with the customer drops by 900%. For example, let’s say your restaurant wants to rent private rooms.  Having automated follow-ups it a great way to immediately get in touch with the lead and potentially get the sale. At the very least you have a 50% chance of taking them off the market entirely. 50% of people will do business with the first business who contacts them. If your a dental practice, car dealer, or repair shop etc it really doesn’t matter, all of your competition is one microsecond away and so speed is more important than ever in 2018. 

3. They Run Ads to Landing Pages Instead of to there Website:

This is really important because websites do not convert nearly as good as landing pages. Why? Because there are too many options on you’re on your website in comparison to a landing page. Landing pages are typically very clean and the customer has only one of two options. Opt-in for the offer or leave. You simply can’t click anywhere else.

When you drive people to your website, the prospect has 12 other buttons they can click that don’t help you accomplish your goal which is converting this prospect into a lead that you can follow up with.  

How can you make landing pages?  There are all kinds of landing page software out there, but here are a couple worth mentioning.  Builderall is a little technical but the most cost-effective if you are on a budget. Also, LeadPages, Instapage, and Clickfunnels are also great resources.

4. Facebook Messenger Automation   

Facebook messenger and the automation available now via chatbots is probably the most powerful tool of 2018. Chatbots are amazing for customer service, follow-up, and sales, booking appointments etc. Communicating with your audience via Facebook messenger is basically the exact same thing that you can do with email marketing, however, it’s 3-4X more effective. Why?  People aren’t used to getting their inbox hammered in messenger like they are in their email and so the open rates and click-through rates are much higher.  With email, you’re lucky about 20 to 30% open rate, but with Facebook Messenger, you can expect 80-100%.  This doesn’t mean that email marketing doesn’t work, it’s still a great channel, but Facebook Messenger is extremely powerful right now.  Lastly, automated text messages.

5. Text Message Marketing: 

Another way that is really working well for companies is text message automation.  When would you use this style? For follow-ups to offers, delivery of coupons, announcements, events etc. Open rates are typically 95% using text message so again this channel is super effective.  So, after somebody opts into your offer you can send an automated text message to this person which will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

Each of these little tactics can:

  • Help make your marketing funnel become a lot more efficient. 
  • Improve the customer experience with your business.
  • Build up your customer database in multiple channels giving you lots of powerful options.
  • Lower the cost to reach your audience in the future.

Is your business using any of these strategies to get customers in the door? How are they working for you? Let us know in the comments! 

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