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Digital Marketing Ottawa – 3 Tips to Increase Engagement

digital marketing ottawa

 Although there are tons of way to increase engagement with your online efforts here are a few unique ways that likely aren’t the first things you think of and they carry a ton of weight. 

1. Eye Contact

Humans instinctually gravitate towards eye contact. People subconsciously look to engage with other humans via each others eyes according to scientific study. The study was was done with eye tracking software that was connected to babies. The person in charge would show a couple of photo’s to the baby. One photo would have a person looking and the other would be a landscape or anything that did not have eyes looking back. In every scenario the babies gravitated towards the eye. 

So, anytime you can tap into human instincts, you have a better chance of achieving your goal. Obviously with content marketing, ads, or photo’s on your website the more engagement the better chance you have at being memorable. 

2. Video's For Communication

55% of communication is physiology, 38% tone of voice, and only 7% words. If your only writing articles all day then it’s going to be that much harder to communicate effectively. 

If you get on the phone, effective communication just got 38% easier. But it’s interesting, that your tone carries 5.4X more weight than the actual words that you say. 

If you can muster up the courage to do video’s, then you will get to reap the rewards. 


Human’s learn so much better when we are told stories vs facts and figures. Telling a story with your content makes it easier for people to remember. Why? Stories help humanize and increase empathy because people can relate. When people can relate, you seem human. 

Bonus: Where to Start When Your Offers Don't Work

If you are running advertisement for leads or sales and your not getting any results the place to start is with Reward.

At the core of all human decisions people are typically trying to move towards pleasure and away from pain. So, your offer doesn’t have enough perceived reward in comparison to the pain of giving up your customers hard earned money then things will be tough. 

I hope this helps! 

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